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Hourly Rate

Our hourly rate is $140.00 per 2 movers. $170 per 3 movers. $210 per 4 movers. You can choose the hourly rate that most works for you. There are no hidden fees. This price includes a fully equipped truck, movers' job, free use of wardrobe boxes, and moving blankets for furniture protection, disassemble and reassemble furniture, loading and unloading, and insurance.

Minimum hours charge are 3 (This means that if movers finish the job in less than3 hours, customers still have to the minimum charge of 3 hour. If the job takes more than 3 hour, customers pays for the time it takes).


All materials using for the move for hourly rate are charging separately. When customers don't request packing services the materials charge are Wrapping plastic and tapes. When customers request packing or furniture is going to storage the wardrobe boxes, and materials for protecting the furniture are charge. 

The cost of materials are:

Tape $ 3.50

boxes: $ 3.50

Shrink Wrap Roll $ 35.00

Packing Paper $ 40.00

Wardrobe Boxes $ 18.00

Straps $ 15.00

Bubble wrap roll $ 50.00

Paper Pads unit $4.00

Protective Blankets $20.00

Driving time

Over 40 miles from the pick up location to the delivery location we charge driving time. Driving time means that if the movers take 1 hour from the pick up location to the delivery location, an extra hour will be charge. 

Long Distance Move

For long distance move, we offer our customers flat rates. Our flat rates are affordable for our customers. The flat rates cost are base in the distance of the move, how much stuff the customer has, and how many movers the move require. 

To give our customer a exact quote we offer walk through services. We send one of our staff member to do an estimate. We are flexible with our customers, and try to work together to provide a good experience using our services. 

Piano Move

Spinet or  Upright---------------------------- $350.00- $495.00

Baby grand ------------------------------------ $550- $650.00

Concert grand--------------------------------$ 695.00-$795.00

The prices depends of:

  • Distance to move the piano
  •  Location of the piano (first floor, second, floor, third floor...)
  • Loading and unloading method (Elevator or stairs)
  •  Type of stairs ( Flight stairs, spiral stairs)
  • Number of stairs to load and unload.  

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